At the intersection of peace and belonging there is a House called Courage. Let us dwell there.


1: Who is interested?


These are one-on-one sessions. I integrate the humanities with technology, neuroscience, and and Jungian psychology to enhance our understanding of the self. I recommend meeting weekly for at least 50 min sessions.


These are sessions designed for romantic couples or business "couples" (e.g. company co-founders). My work draws from attachment theory, somatic therapy,  and drama therapy. I recommend meeting weekly for at least 75 min sessions. 


I offer consultation for companies looking to enhance culture, boost purpose, and wish to promote social impact. Together we will create a bespoke curriculum tailored to the specific needs of your organization. 

2: What are the issues?

Romantic Relationships
Marriage and dating stressors, communication skills, coping with differences, infidelity, and cultural differences

Interpersonal Challenges
Shyness, social anxiety, difficulty forming and/or maintaining relationships, learning to be assertive, emotion regulation, empathy

Career and Work Challenges
Meaningful and purposeful work, short and long-term career goals, employment seeking, career transitions

Life Transitions

Clarifying personal values and beliefs, establishing short- and long-term goals during significant life transitions


Self-consciousness, self-esteem issues, and food- and body-related stressors


Existential and Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual and higher consciousness journey work and integration of psychedelic experiences

3: How deep of a dive?


Ready to dive into some of the surface issues that affect day to day life. Have a desire to learn basic meditation and mindfulness skills to cultivate presence. Prepare to be in weekly sessions for at least 3 months.


Ready to take a deeper plunge into the waters that is your consciousness and explore your childhood to find where patterns originated. Prepare to be in weekly sessions for at least 6 months. 


In it to win it, nothing to lose, everything to gain. Ready to take a psychedelic plunge into the depths of your psyche, exploring every nook with the curiosity of a child. Prepare to be in weekly sessions with me for at least 1 year.