Sound balm. Apply as needed.

~ Journey to Arcturus

`ailment: you have had quite the day, it’s 10pm, you’re not looking to do any rigorous self-discovery; maybe something soothing and heart expanding to listen to while slowly closing your eyes.

`instructions: apply directly to head and heart; best with noise canceling headphones.

~ My Soft Inner Child

`ailment: you feel out of sorts, out of touch with your inner child (the child parts of us that never left even as we grew older). you feel less playful these days. it feels harder to accept yourself. your emotions feel inconsolable.

`instructions: apply directly to your heart, gut, and throat, and cradle your heart with both hands.

~ Baxter

`ailment: your primal need for safety has been activated and you’d like to understand it better; you’ve been hurt by someone and now you’re unsure of closeness and of yourself.

`instructions: apply directly to your gut, feet, and throat; let out your own barks, yelps, and wails.

~ Just Like Me

`ailment: you are having trouble seeing beyond your own pain which makes asking and receiving for care difficult; you could use a friend.

`instructions: find a friend, partner, self (sit with a mirror) to eye gaze with; apply directly to you heart.